HOLIDAY SALE-I'm a Winner You're a Winner Books 2 for $10

HOLIDAY SALE-I'm a Winner You're a Winner Books 2 for $10

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I'm a Winner You're a Winner, Remembering How Great You Are by Ben Phipps. 

I'm a Winner You're a Winner is a Celebrated Winner of an iParenting Media Award

"This great, inspirational book is filled with uplifting, positive information relevant to life. It is a book about being your own biggest fan and realizing what a wonderful person you are. It is a great book to teach kids how to believe in themselves, and how one person can be such an important role model and positive influence."
~ iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer

"This book has a positive message and would make a good read with your child or to a class. It is straightforward and the font type is a nice size for easy reading. For a parent reading the book, it gives good reminder of the positive reinforcement needed in motivating children."
~ iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer

"Every home should have this book."

~ From a grandmother who purchased two books for her grandchildren and then returned after reading the book to buy one for herself.

"In its simple yet comprehensive way, I'm a Winner, You're a Winner, has served as a guide for my children, for the athletes I work with, and for me. I will always remember the first time my 4 year old recognized a moment when I was losing my patience and quietly asked, "Mommy, are you forgetting who you are?"

The team reads this book on long road trips. Each player reads a page out loud then passes it to the next person. The reaction of college students reading a children's book is interesting but the message always shines through."
~ L.T., Coach in Delaware

"A book that will help people. Inspiring and sincere, something every book should be in one way or another. I wish I could have had this coach when I was growing up."
~ Josh Wilker, Author of "The Harlem Globetrotters" and "Julius Erving"